Sumo Tournaments

Japanese culture is intertwined with sport; sport in Japan is observed with almost religious fervour, something New Zealanders will easily understand! 

The biggest and thus the best has to be sumo, the iconic sport with no shortage of cultural gravitas. Sumo is the national sport of Japan, and its origins stretch back to ancient Shinto rituals in which the hefty wrestlers would face off in honour of various Shinto deities. Today, the sport is very much of the people, with hugely popular 15-day tournaments occurring six times a year across Tokyo (January, May and September), Osaka (March), Nagoya (July) and Fukuoka (November).

The much-revered sport of sumo has turned the wrestlers into national superstars, but that’s where any modernisation ends. Viewing a sumo tournament, you’ll see many of the same rituals practised since ancient times including the famous salt throwing occurring on the same sand-covered clay rings, or dohyo. For more information visit:


Grand Sumo Tournament Schedule 2017

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